23 June 2009

To the Rescue!

Cleaning club at my place yesterday.

messy room1

Messy bedroom- stuff piling up on all the surfaces, furniture in need of rearranging, dusty ceiling fan and cobwebs in the corners...

messy room2

We got the surfaces all cleared, the blinds and corners vacuumed, ceiling fan and doors/doorknobs cleaned, and rearranged the small bed and got rid of one of the little tables. Later in the afternoon I got the dust ruffle put back on and clean sheets on the bed (these were in the wash during cleaning club).


clean room2

And a finishing touch of some fresh flowers from the yard, which actually are a sampling of the color palette we want to bring into this room soon. We're tired of the subdued blues and greens and are going to be doing red and orange in there hopefully before the summer is over.


clean room1

I just know that if I had made the decision to clean up my room on my own, It would have taken me all day (instead of just an hour!) and I probably would not have rearranged or brought in flowers. I just love cleaning club for those reasons- we all marvel every week at how much we get done and how much more fun it is to work together.

Thank you so much Rachel & Shannon for helping me get my room back! I love it! And it is truly a gift to have your help making my home more functional for my family. THANKS!

**Original post featured on Life With Girls, with the following comments:
Shannon said... It looks just gorgeous!!! Enjoy it!!! I had a great time--it's so awesome to drive away seeing a tangible difference in someone's life! Did Jason like it??

Paulette said...

I want a cleaning club!

Shannon said...

Paulette--just get one or two friends who also want to and can work out a similar schedule with you and MAKE one! I'm telling you we need to get on Oprah and start a cleaning club revolution! My life has been so blessed by it....

ME said...

I need one of these clubs!!!

Alisa said...

What a great idea! Is one person usually "in charge" of seeing that the kiddos are taken care of? (The group I'm thinking of would be a 6 y.o., 2-5 y.o., a 4 y.o., a 10 month old, and 3 month old! so not like we could just leave the babes. . .)

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