01 November 2008

About Cleaning Club

more wax lips

We are three homeschooling mamas in Athens, GA who get together weekly to tackle an organization or cleaning project in one of our alternating homes. Together we have twelve children who range in age from zero to fourteen.  The most recent addition to our crew, Shannon's Michael, was born under the moniker:  Cleaning Club: The Birth Edition.  We all get a little geeky about order and organization, and we have a lot of fun spending time together.   We always meet at the same time on the same day of the week, although the duration of the project varies.  We've done everything from yard work, to painting, to packing for a move. 

Jennifer is our tech guru/web mistress/task master.  She set up this blog and takes the majority of our pictures.  She is mama of four.  She is also a talented seamstress, photographer, crafter, artist and organizer extraordinaire.  She chronicles her family's life here.  She is known to gesture dramatically, and she is the tallest among us at six feet.  She rocks at dying hair, and teaching people to knit, and has a kick-ass can-do attitude.  She went to art school and basically knows how to do everything from making the very best biscuits, to knowing how to alter an oversized t-shirt so that it fits.  She is the conscience of the Cleaning Club, always enforcing a strict recycling program.

Shannon is a voracious reader and talented writer.  She loves to talk about books and religion and philosophy, and laughs like Pee Wee Herman.  She is mama of six.  She chronicles her life here.  She has lived all over the country and has an impressive selection of stories to show for it.  She recently moved into an awesome new house and had a new baby.  She is short, but not officially a midget.  She is also the snazziest dresser among us.  She rocks at making soup, recommending cool movies, and expressing herself with a colorful vocabulary.  She is the purger at Cleaning Club, gently nudging us to let go of what we don't really need.

Rachel is the author of the Cleaning Club Blog About Page, but will still write about herself in third person.  She is a media and politics junkie who does PR for a living, especially loving her work for social justice causes and musicians. She is a work-from-home mama of two.  She is a transplanted Californian, via Kansas, and digs partaking in all Athens has to offer (translation, she likes going out to hear music and hang out downtown).  She is a newbie knitter, and is exactly average height.  For a woman in the Netherlands.  She is the oldest of us, and therefore imparts her wisdom and sense of maturity and responsibility at every turn. She doesn't know what she brings to Cleaning Club...oh yeah!  The cokes!

the photo we forgot at the birth

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Audra said...

I really want to start a cleaning club too! Do you have a post with some tips?

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