17 November 2008

The First Cleaning Club


Imagine, if you will, 2 friends chatting while their combined nine children run throughout the house and yard playing happily (Well, ok. Lyle was taking a nap. So really there were only eight children frolicking about.) Then picture a very messy kitchen- the remains of a busy weekend in a household of 6- becoming a very clean kitchen.

Doesn't sound like they have anything to do with each other, do they? Ah, but they do. And it is a truly wonderful thing.

My friend Shannon came by today with her 5 kids so everyone could play, and we decided to tackle my messy kitchen together. We had talked about it before, and agreed that it is always easier and more fun to clean someone else's mess and chat while you are doing it! Of course, I didn't leave the kitchen a mess on purpose because I knew she was coming, but it just happened to be that way after a busy weekend. And I knew Jason would be thrilled to come home to a clean sink since it is his job to wash dishes. Which in turn, meant he had more time to spend with the kids this evening while I worked. And Shannon thanked me on her way out the door for "letting" her help me clean up! This is a difficult thing to hear from someone, but whenI thought about it I can relate to the good feeling I get from helping one of my mama friends out in a much needed way. It is a pleasure!

So, we've formulated a plan, and I think it's going to be brilliant. Take turns meeting at each other's home, let the kids run free, and tackle a job that needs doing. Sometimes it might be a closet or a messy bedroom, or maybe even gettting caught up on the laundry. The kids are happy, we're happy, and our husbands are sure to be happy. Team work at it's best! Thanks, Shannon, from the bottom of my heart. You ROCK!

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Shannon said...

You know- it really was a gift to me--I got to spend the rest of my day feeling like I had done a good thing, made a little impact in increasing the peace--albeit a tiny impact, though more than anything what I think makes parenting and family so dang hard is the sense of being in it all alone so much of the time. A tiny little effort for me- made my day better, and probably yours and Jason's, too! I hope you guys had a great night!! And , lol! I'll start thinking of a project here!

scully said...

i like this idea!

Karla said...

That is sisterhood! Women helping women!

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