12 November 2009

Whilst Somewhat Incapacitated

Normally, I go into a complete panic and become rather unbearable for at least a day or two before my parents come for a visit. And this is after years of learning to let most of the little things just go. This visit from my parents coincided with having an itty, bitty new baby, living in a house into which we moved less than 2 months ago, and me feeling very frustrated as my recovery from birth had taken a seemingly giant leap backward over the weekend before Cleaning Club.

However, this Monday when my parents would be arriving, found me not at all stressed about the house or trying to do too much, because this Monday was Cleaning Club day! Rachel and Jennifer came over and not only helped me get everything straightened up, and the bathrooms clean, and the floors vacuumed; they also did most of this while I left and went to the chiropractor to try to mitigate some of the pain I had been in over the weekend.

Not only did they clean while I was gone, they also cuddled and snuggled Michael, changed his diaper and really tried to insist to my husband that he go chill and take a much needed break. Anyone who has had a newborn baby in the house can appreciate how much help it is just to have loving arms to hold the baby while running to a doctor's appointment!! But then to also come home to a house which was clean--well, that's the epitome of Cleaning Club, and the love which Rachel and Jennifer have just poured out upon me in such great measure.

When I returned from my appointment, we all had lunch. Then before heading home Rachel and Jennifer helped me to get some things put away in the entryway closet (where previously they had reassembled the shelves and helped me go through the random debris we had piled there when we moved). They also helped me hang the bulletin board , so I could start pinning up some of the kids' artwork which had been collecting since we moved. The other task--which for short little me would have involved ladders and lifting--that was finished, was Jennifer removing a very, very annoying door stopper which had been keeping the laundry room door from opening all the way. It was a small thing which took her only a couple minutes--but it has already made my life better! And instead of frazzled psycho-woman , my house got to be peaceful and calm for the rest of the day, despite our coming visitors, and I got to curl up in my favorite room with my wee little man drinking in the life I lead so full of abundant blessings.

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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad we were able to help you prepare for your company and reduce some stress. Your place is looking so great! It really didn't feel like there was that much to do.

I love so much that you are always able to have a handful of small projects throughout the house that you need done and are not afraid to just lay it all out- I feel like we always get SO much done there because there is often a little in each room and it ends up pulling the place together so nicely and gives us such a sense of accomplishment! I still struggle with feeling like I am asking too much sometimes.

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