07 February 2010

The Armless Woman

Rachel getting some baby sugar (YUM)
This week's project will resonate with anyone who's ever had a three month old baby in the house. One of my biggest struggles with having a baby in the house is seemingly losing the ability to use my arms for any length of time. This post has been delayed for days waiting to not have to type it one handed, and in bits and pieces. Alas--I am here between nursing sessions typing one handed.

After much consideration, and procrastination, and failure to get stuff for the original project I wanted to do--I decided that what I really needed help with this week was just an all over, top to bottom cleaning. My daughter, Jane, had her 7th birthday on the weekend. My son, Andrew, had his 3rd birthday on Wednesday. I knew that amidst so much partying, there'd be no way I could nongrumpily clean the house.


So on Monday we busted out the vacuums and dust rags, the toilet brushes and window cleaner. One of the awesome Cleaning Club Effects is that a job that you normally would do kind of half-assed, you do really well. I know Jennifer and Rachel vacuumed places in my house they'd not only never do in their houses, but that I also wouldn't do in my own house. For my part, knowing how hard they were working helped me to not slack while working on the bathrooms, which hadn't had a hardcore, deep cleaning since Michael has been born. If they weren't cleaning along with me, I wouldn't have had the (guilt) motivation to do as good of a job as I did.


I was also able to prepare our big meal for the day while I had help around. I'd been craving spinach and feta pie, but knew it was a little more time consuming to prepare than many of the meals which I make. What a great gift to get to prepare a great meal surrounded by love!

It turned out to be a great project, since Michael decided this week that he pretty much wanted to be in my arms nearly all day. And while I am an avid user of various slings and carriers, there is just no way to really clean the tub with a baby strapped to your body.

Happy Birthday, Andrew!!

singing to Jane

We finished Cleaning Club with a double round of Happy Birthday and blowing out candles for Andrew and Jane. Not only did the kids love it, but it helped us to eat up cake from Jane's birthday, before there was new cake for Andrew's birthday. Good thing #163 about Cleaning Club: they help you eat cake.


Party time at Cleaning Club!


Jennifer's Mom said...

Wow, has Michael ever grown since Thanksgiving! The Spinach & Feta pie looks yummy and the house looks great :-) Jennifer's Mom

Rachel said...

This was such a great day, as the lovely pictures suggest. The cleaning project was satisfying, especially knowing it was going to start your week off on such a positive; the kids were all awesome; I got some good Michael Lovin'; I got a delicious Spinach Feta pie (she made two and sent me home with one!); I got to hang with the always fun, often hilarious, Shannon and Jennifer; and it all ended in cake and ice cream! Every day should be so sweet!

Grace said...

Awwww, that picture definitely captures Michael's major cuteness! ;)

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