26 June 2009

New Cups

new coffee cups

I was absolutely showered with wonderful gifts from friends this past birthday, but the ones I wanted to make sure I shared here (because I promised!) are my new coffee vessels. I showed up at cleaning club (yes, they are such a wonderful and regular part of my life that nearly every sentence I speak includes them...) the week of my birthday and was presented with not one but two new coffee mugs! Both were chosen from my friends' personal collections and have already become a welcome part of mine. Currently I am trading off between the two, and there are things I love about both. I love the size and feel of the handle on the smaller one, and I love the beauty and sturdy, non-tip base of the taller one. But best of all is that they make me smile when I use them because they make me think of my friends.

new coffee cups

Oh and hey! If you aren't tired of hearing about it already, go on over to Shannon's blog and read about the difference the club made in her dining room recently! Hooray!

**This post originally featured on Life With Girls, with the following comments:
Grace said...

isn't it super cool when you get something that is so new and cool, and then think about how somebody else had it? it's recycling, and it's the most fun for the person who gets the gift.
June 29, 2009 8:42 PM
ME said...

I've two specific mugs. one is strictly for coffee and one can sometimes be for coffee is the other one is dirty and i'm lazy but mostly it is for tea.
Ha! Didn't see your comment until just now. Didn't even know there were any on there anywhere :) I would love to come see you, have actually been thinking about calling you. I have two of the kids now until either wed or fri but then am free again after that.....
June 29, 2009 8:58 PM
Kate said...

oh my goodness, i am on a new mug hunt. those are great.
also you have been awarded check out my blog www.reticulatedmama.blogspot.com

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