04 August 2009


We painted our bedroom last week at cleaning club. It was really great because I had kept the room nice and straight after we worked in there the previous time, so all I had to do was mask off and move the furniture to the center of the room to prepare.

The colors look very bright on the computer screen, and it IS quite bright, but these photos might look a little more than in real life.

Just look at Rachel's concentration. You can't pay people to care this much about your paint job!

I paint with my mouth open. And we all often show up to cleaning club without showers, especially when we'll be getting dirty. That is a sign that you know your friends love you, when you can come over with bedhead and smelling funky!

Shannon manned the roller most of the day, and supervised a lot from the bed. The baby is getting big!! (I can't wait!!!!)

I did not take any full photos of the room after we were finished- I am shopping for duvet covers and curtains right now and I want to wait until I have them to reveal the finished room. So you'll have to settle for these photos of us working. The old paint was a dark cream color on 2 walls and a taupe color on the other 2. Jason and I chose a orange-y red and a yellow-y orange, but once they were up they really look like dark orange and a golden yellow. We still love it but it is definitely tricky to make choices based on those tiny swatches!

While we are doing cleaning club, the kids pretty much occupy themselves. They do well most of the time, and the older kids watch out for the younger ones. Lyle and Andrew (the youngest two kids) go back and forth- one minute they might be playing really well and the next minute one of them is clocking the other one with a toy over the head.


And then there are the things I only find out about when I see the photos...




Thank you so much you guys! I really love it and your help made it a one-day job instead of a whole weekend the way it would have been if I'd tackled it on my own. I can't wait to get things up in there- it is already becoming such a sanctuary for us and you have helped me make that happen. I heart cleaning club!!

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Alisa said...
Love the color!!! If we weren't planning to sell in a few years, I might follow your lead! And thanks for sharing more about cleaning club.

Jennifer said...
Sorry Alisa- I had been meaning to address the questions you asked in the last post about this, but forgot. No, we do not have an adult designated to keep an eye on the kids, because our youngest is 2 1/2 and we have a 14 year olds and several 10 and 11 year olds. I'm not sure how we will work it when Shannon's baby comes, but probably it will just involve slings, naps, and older siblings :) I think this idea could still totally work with one person being rotated to be in charge of the kids while the others worked on a project. Give it a try!! This "club", as we affectionately call it, has changed our lives in a tremendous way. We love it!!

Shannon said...
These are awesome! It was great--and has given me some confidence about possibly thrwoing up some paint to try to sell our place. The pics of what the kids are doing while we work are freakin' hilarious!!

Paulette said...
The colors are fabulous! I said it before and I'll say it again: I want a cleaning club!!

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