29 March 2010

Hell's Kitchen Redeemed

Okay--this slack was my fault--but after this Cleaning Club--the Shannon family got a wicked bad stomach flu, and then another round of sickness, and then the fussiest period of Michael's life.

This week we gave my kitchen a very thorough cleaning. We moved and scrubbed all of the appliances. Cleaned all the cabinets. Scoured the sink. Shined the faucet and knobs. We even hit some base board action. It's one of those jobs which doesn't need to be done too often, but which I never on my own seem to get to.

So without anymore freakin' ado---here is the photo fest from that day way back many weeks ago.

dirty stove and microwave

shannon & rachel scrubbing

Shannon got her nails did. Kinda.

michael was not himself

Pat was hanging with the little boys

clean stove (including under the knobs!)

clean vents and cabinets

clean sink & faucet

clean baseboards

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Jennifer said...

I wish our kitchens could always look this great!! (and our nails, LOL!)

To our readers:
This session of Cleaning Club seems like so long ago, and there haven't been too many in between! Like Shannon said, there was much sickness for them and a little for Rachel's family and mine as well. So we have been on a break of sorts but we're back in the full swing and getting caught up on some photos for the most recent sessions. Stay tuned!! Cleaning Club is far from dead!

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