29 March 2010

They've Got My Back

unmade beds

When my turn came up this time, I realized that I too really needed a whole-house clean-up again. There weren't any big projects in major need of being done, and we had not had a chance to put the house back together after the crazy weekend. So when Rachel & Shannon arrived, we got right to work on the dishes and the floors and the laundry.

dirty floors!

baskets of laundry

shannon doing dishes

There were baskets of stuff to go downstairs,

stuff needing to go downstairs

and week-old dust mop leavings to pick up. (Yuck! I know.)


After Cleaning Club was over and I was walking through the house taking pictures, one thing kept running through my head: how supported I felt. It occurred to me what a wonderful gift it is to my family to have these two other people who know just where everything is and how we operate in regards to the house. If I were to become ill or have to be away for some reason, they would be able to  come in and help whip things into shape if needed. They know where things are kept and where the cleaning supplies are, and since lunch is always a part of our weekly meetings they even know what my kids like to eat! We talk every week about the struggles and victories we've been having with each of the kids, and what our routines are like every day. It is like having two backup moms on hand, briefed and ready to go- just in case.

clean parlor

So as we clean floors, fold towels, and do dishes, we are also supporting each other in so much more than that. We are protecting and nurturing each others' families, by knowing each others' space so well.

towels put away

And I love that I have finally gotten to the point where I am able to not hover over Shannon & Rachel so much, worrying that I should be doing the hardest parts or that they won't do it right. This week when I said the dishwasher needed to be emptied, Shannon got right to work in there and when I said the floors needed to be swept/vacuumed, Rachel tackled that. I was able to go down and fold several loads of laundry and get things put away that were laying around the house. Rachel folded towels and I made the bed, and was even able to give the bathroom a quick cleaning! I didn't stress over what they were doing- I was just thankful for their help and used the time to get as much as I could get done as well.

clean bathroom

When they left, the house felt peaceful and orderly- ready for a new week. I am so thankful for those extra backup Mamas.

Somehow a picture of Michael did not get taken during this visit, so you'll just have to settle for this one that I took last weekend at BreastFest. Squeeeeaaalll!


lisa said...

I am SO SO jealous of you all. I think this is absolutley wonderful & you all do a great job. Pat yourselves on the back or each other for that matter. Way to go!

Kris said...

I too am jealous!

Shannon said...

This had been a dream of mine since I became a momma. Motherhood in this place and time can be so isolating and difficult because of that. Geez--just having an extra pair of hands around to hold the baby and make him smile is awesome.

Rememeber this all began as a playdate where or kids were playing and we'd normally just sit and chat--but did dishes together. So the next time you find youtself at someone's house--just pick some little project--like folding laundry or cleaning a bathroom and get it done in 15 minutes together!

Summer said...

Jennifer, I'm trying to track you down! And now I'm inspired to start this here in my town now that I have at least three friends who I can rope into a club, I think.

Find me, I miss you.
summer dot page, gmail. g+ me, or email me- you know. whatev. sickerthnothers (without the a) on twitter, too.

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