24 March 2010


This post is long overdue. Several things were going on that kept me from getting my post up last week. One of which included picture issues. I don't want to blame anyone, so let's just say it rhymes with Bennifer borgot her bamera. So, I took my own pictures. Then I couldn't find the camera when I was ready to post. Then I just clean forgot to post (see how I masterfully worked in a Cleaning Club pun right there in the middle of that shameless blame-shifting paragraph?).

And also? I became an aunt (by blood. don't want to discount any of my twenty lovely nieces and nephews by marriage)! Here is a picture of my daughter with my new niece Cora.

Cora's much anticipated birth came a week after her due date, while I was anxiously waiting in the hospital waiting room as planned. Where anxiously waiting in the hospital waiting room as planned equals away on vacation. So, when I got back there was much baby holding and baby sniffing and such to be done and by the time Cleaning Club arrived on Monday morning, I just needed help. Period. On no particular project, but just in general.

The house was a wreck. The luggage was still out. The laundry was strewn about. The dishwasher needed emptying.

Michael, of course, was in the thick of things.

We emptied and put away the luggage in the attic, and processed laundry.

We emptied the dishwasher.

Jennifer vacuumed the rugs.

Shannon got a wild hair and tackled the spider webs on the front porch.

Michael was cold chillin'. In the cutest pose possible.

Getting unpacked and cleaned up really helped me feel ready for a week of intense baby visiting and the final days before a breast cancer fundraiser I'd been working on for months. It was perfect. (Not getting my post up before the next Cleaning Club rolled around, not so perfect. )

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